Another blast from the past, Pink Squares by Candy King duplicates the flavors near and dear to your pink taffy candy.

Remember the taffy that always got stuck between your teeth or roof of your mouth? Now you can grab that flavor you always enjoyed without the hassle.  Pink Squares recreates that smooth taffy taste in a vape in each inhale.  The great flavor tickles your taste buds with a smooth finish as well

Rango is a flavor in Cosmic Fog’s newest line, Crisp. Rango is a mixture of sweet succulent mango blended with tangy raspberries to deliver bursts of fruity flavors. A simple, and exceptionally well-balanced vaping experience.

Rango gets the unique name from the delicious combination of flavors. Inhale the succulent raspberries that taste freshly picked from the bush. Then bring in a juicy ripe mango when you exhale. Put it together and you get the Rango flavor that will rock your tongue

Remember the fluorescent green Jolly Rancher sour apple candies your teacher gave you as a treat in school?  Do you still yearn for that sweet and sour taste in your mouth again?  Well, wait no longer, Swamp Thang from Ruthless gives you that powerful flavor burst of sour apples coupled with a mild throat tickle.

This is a wonderful vaping juice that provides an overall excellent experience. The throat hit is amazing, a little sharp but smooth. It gives a tickling feeling to your throat. The inhale gives a delicious green apple taste. When you exhale, it gives a hard candy flavor. This is the perfect juice for vapers who want to have a sweet taste.

If you love candied sour belts, you will love Naked 100 Candy Berry Belts.  This vape combines the sweet and tart strawberry belt with a hint of citrus to finish off the puff.

If you want to have a sweet and sour vaping experience, Berry Belts is a perfect choice. Inhaling it will bring out the sweet and sour candy taste that will leave a great impression on your tongue. Exhaling it will bring out the strawberry gummy taste to complement the candy flavor. You will not experience any charring and burning sensation.

A vanilla custard e-liquid with a mildly sweet flavor profile, Colossus by Cyclops Vapor delivers notes of cream, egg yolks, vanilla and sugar without presenting any overbearing sugary or eggy flavors.

Cyclopes Vapor Colossus is a perfect choice for those who do not enjoy over-sweetened flavors. With the flavors of egg yolk, vanilla, and cream, this e-juice is surely going to become your favorite part of the breakfast. It gives a lasting taste, which is another feature that makes it a must-try e-juice

Sour Green Apple from Its Pixy is manufactured by your friends at Shijin Vapor. A favorite of kids young and old, this vape brings together a sweet and sour flavor that is perfectly balanced to delight the taste buds. The sour is enough to give you that kick, but overly so.

When inhaling and exhaling this e-liquid, it will give a burst of sour and sweet flavor of green apple. A great thing is that the taste will not change of shift. It provides a consistent treat for your taste buds. The throat hit is subtle and refreshing. You will feel like drinking real fruit juice and there will be no chemical like sensation.

Another melon concoction, but a damn good one.  Watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe wrapped up in a minty bubblegum.  This is Space Jam’s Pluto.

Pluto is a wonderful blend of flavors that brings the eastern and western cultures together in harmony.  Each inhale brings the sweetened melons popular in the east and combines it with a wonderful bubblegum flavor.  When you exhale prepare for a blast of cool mint to keep our taste buds refreshed.  Nobody will argue this isn’t a planet of flavor.

Propaganda has released e-liquids capturing just about all of the most popular flavor profiles in the vaping industry. With the release of The Hype Blue Slushee by Propaganda E Liquid, they’ve finally released a vape juice that captures the much-loved flavor of blue raspberry. It’s just like a trip to your favorite quick mart.

Are you a fun of slushees? If you are then then The Blue Hype Slushee would be ideal for you. The sugary taste of the sweet blue raspberry slushee in this flavor would conquer your taste buds with a good feeling. On inhalation you get a cool and refreshing flavor followed by an awesome blue raspberry exhale. It has a smooth throat hit that won’t leave you in irritation or cough.

Brewell Vapory’s Hard Apple Brew #45 is one of the more popular flavors in the line.  The flavor profile is of a tangy hard apple candy that is filled with a sweet jelly center.  This is a vape that you can hit all day.

Want to enjoy the taste of candy with a jelly containing the flavor of green apple to the maximum? Give Brewell vapory Hard Apple Brew a try. It is surely not going to disappoint you. Unlike other flavors, it isn’t harsh; it rather gives a pleasant and tasteful experience.

For all you custard lovers out there, Beard Vape Co No. 51 is for you.  The wonderful mixologists at Beard packed as much custard as they could possibly manage into the flavor and then when you thought that was all, they topped it off with even more custard.

Who doesn’t love vanilla flavored custards? It’s enriching taste you can get it in this delicious e-juice Beard Vape Co No 51. This flavorful e-juice that gives the taste of vanilla while exhaling has a strong aftertaste; thus, you can enjoy its flavor even after vaping.

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